Friday, April 3, 2009

What's inside my makeup bag?

Hi Everybody!

Here's my silver clinique makeup bag that I keep all my goodies in:)

It's a lil beat up cuz its been under physical abuse for quite a while. I like it a lot cuz its not like traditonal makeup bags where there's 1 straight zipper is on top instead it's more like a rectangle shaped w/ a zipper that goes all around(lol does that even make sense?). I find that with this design I can cram in a lot more stuff harhar...

i dunno why i bring so much stuff w/ me lol i just end up shoving more and more things into there until i can no longer fit anything lol

Stuff that's in the bag:
*challenge* can you actually find the item in the picture?* lol

1. MAC hello kitty beauty powder in tahitian sand
2. MUFE's velvet finish powder
3. Benefit's benetint (trial size)
4. Annabelle's duo blush in joue bijou - LOVE IT
5. Revlon's colorstay eyeliner
6. shu uemura eyelash curler from ebay which i'm pretty sure is fake...><
7. Laura Geller's brow gel trial size
8. Smashbox automatic eyeshadow stick in screening
9. Clinique sample size eyeshadow duo in beach plumLOVE the golden color.. i use it to touch-up highlighting on my eyes and cheeks, it's probably my fav color from clinique. I have another one sitting in my stash
10. benefit Boing concealer 01
11. Sephora's mini brush set - SOOO CUTE :) and the brushes are not that bag actually!
12. cherry chapstick
13. burt's bee Honey lip balm
14. some random pink brush
15. visine
16. MAC HK lipglass in mimmy
17. MAC tinted lip conditioner in pink fish
18. NYX megashine lipgloss in natural - i luv these lipglosses!! sooo great for pigmented lips :)

haha i TOLD you i can fit a whole crap-load of stuff in there!!

found other stuff in my bag that weren't inside the clinique bag:

1. CO Bigelow mentha lip tint in pink tint- makes my breath minty and it tastes good haha
2. benefit mirror
3. B&B works antibacterial hand lotion in country apple - OMG this stuff smells amazing!!!
4. hand sanitizer
5. my fav perfume Escada Moon Sparkle( *heart*) which i put in a smaller bottle :) i luuuuvvv this scent! smells soooo good!
6. found 3 packs of oil absorbing sheets lol .. i must product a lot of oil hahhah
7. and a hair brush lol

o ya! and my vitamin box :P i recently started taking the genuine health(maker of Green+) multi+ daily glow and perfect skin vitamins in there! but i keep on forgetting to take them grrr!! I guess they are still consider to be beauty related :P


  1. wow that's qutie a lot of stuff. i wonder if you take all that out with you XD i usually take a whole bunch of crap out with me, even tho i probably won't use it

  2. wow! u packed alot of makeup in that small bag! hehe.. impressive!

  3. i love country apple smell too! it's refreshing :)

    i tend to take a lot of stuff with me too even though i won't use all of 'em anyway, haha..