Monday, April 20, 2009

Comparison Time!!!

Hi Everyone!

I dunno why this post took me so long!
But here it is! ENJOY!!

Products up for comparison:
Missha M Perfect Cover BB cream VS. Skin Food Aloe BB cream!!!

First of all, here's my skin type/tone description:
- combination but oilier in the summer
- neutral undertone so MAC's NC or NW doesn't work on me!! NC is wayyy to yellow and NW is too pink but for reference only i'm like a NC 20ish??
- I have some redness around my nose & mouth, undereye circles(who doesn't at this day & age!?!), some left over acne pigmentation, overall UNEVEN SKINTONE is my biggest issue

Missha's product description:
This M Perfect Cover BB Cream makes your skin tone clean and natural by concealing blemishes with excellent skin coverage.
It is a multi functional makeup cream with blocking UV rays, whitening and wrinkle care effects and simplifies makeup formalities.
It's moisturized application with W/S texture makes sleek skin tone while supplying moisture and nutrition at the same time.

Directions: After basic skin care, apply an appropriate amount all over the face following the skin texture. Then, complete the makeup with powder.Do not need to apply Sun cream in addition.

Skin food Aloe BB cream description from Ebay :p
A skin-care and make-up in one, this cream leaves your skin feeling moisturized while it corrects your skin tone. Your complexion looks naturally air-brushed, clear and fresh! Rich with aloe, it excellently soothes skin and provides moisture. Also contains SPF 20! Apply as a foundation or as a base before your foundation.

HAha i made a comparison chart!! i'm such a nerd ><>n the chart so you can actually read it!

*NOTE: they both has some what of a strong scent.. personally i dont mind them at all however if you're sensitive to strong scents i would recommend against these.

My face w/o BB cream:
I have uneven skin tone.. darkness under my eyes... redness... blemish scars & pigmentation.. I also have chapped lips in these pictures... but that's not something BB creams can fix LOL And please excuse my ugly hair & unmade bed !!!

Up first, SF's Aloe BB cream: (I don't know why i made a sad face LOL)
I think SF did a good job evening out my skin tone however you can still see some redness around my nose.

Up next Missha M's Perfect Cover BB cream:

From looking at the pictures I can see that Missha gives me that almost 'blurry' effect. It seems to diffuse light well to cover up my pores and uneven skin tone. You can see that the redness around my nose is gone!

Verdict: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Missha's Perfect cover BB cream!! I will definitely buy this one over and over again until I find a better one :p

Overall, i think I would choose to use my BB creams over regular foundation any day of the week! I find that my skin texture have improved so much ever since I've stopped using my MAC and Lancome foundations. I also think that BB creams feels
much lighter ( like a moisturizer) so i dont feel as self-concious if the BF(or anybody else lol) decides to touch my face (LOL). I also think the finish is very natural and doesn't look like you have much on your face (which i LOVE).

Story time!
True story: I was at my rotation one day and one of my patients said to me 'please write down for me EVERYTHING that you use for you face, moisturizer, foundation, whatever, cuz your skin is AMAZING and you look so glowy' lol And on that day I was wearing my Missha M BB cream :) I've also gotten many compliments from friends ever since I started using my BB creams that my face is glowing and healthy looking!

So for those of you who haven't tried BB creams yet I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend them!!!! Consider them as a nice vacation for your face away from all the heavy foundations.


  1. it does make your face look uber glowy! i loveee missha ;d but they closed every store around me ='\

  2. great review, i want a bb cream!

    hey for your uneven skin tone issues, i totally have that too and i used keihls brightening regimen and it worked wonders for my skin. definitely worth a try.

  3. awesome! i've picked this up a few weeks back but haven't received it yet so I can't wait to try it.. it looks great on you girl! =) btw.. msg me your email.

  4. girl u are gorgeous!! i found ur blog at ABB!

    i ll definetly follow u!

  5. That Missha M cream looks awesome! It looks like you don't have anything on your skin, just naturally flawless :).

  6. hahah love the chart =) Have you tried the L'egere BB cream? It's my favourite!

  7. @kkkkatie i'm gonna try that one next! :)

  8. @ketmany I will definitely keep that in mind!! i was going to buy their avacado eye cream!

  9. Wow...will definately check it out now. Your skin looks so nice with the Misha M :)

  10. Wow, very nice! I was wondering... is there any way you have an English ingredients list for the Missha BB cream? I really want to try one but I'm allergic to chem sunscreens and I can't seem to find any information anywhere on what's in them. Thank you!

  11. i feel like having a make up test on bb cream..but none is sold in australia =(

  12. Great comparison!!! So helpful, I will definitely try the Missha

  13. Love the comparison chart. It was really helpful. Now if only they made BB creams for darker skin tones....thanks for the reviews! :)

  14. the missha sounds great. my first bb cream was the aloe sun and i loved it soo much..until it began clogging my pores >_< i hope that won't happen to you! so now i've switched to using the P&J foundation.
    you should try the hanskin bb creams if you have a chance, it's supposed to be korea's most popular one and supposedly the one that created bb creams. i've tried the super one and a sample of the caviar one..which i liked, but the super one didn't work out well for me.

  15. thanks for the comparison, you're so gorgeous!

    i was doing a comparison of both of them for a friend too & my opinions were identical to yours...

    missha perfect cover definitely gives flawless, polished yet natural finish, oil control & minimize pores, while skinfood aloe gives lighter coverage, less oil control & doesn't minimize pores...


  16. wow the Missha BB cream looks much better.

    pls visit my blog if you have time. I just got started. ^_^

  17. hey doll!!!

    OOOO EMMM GEEE....i want to try that bb cream now...awesome review...and for sure i can tell the difference your face is gloing with the missha!!!

  18. thank you so much for the review!! it makes me feel better about purchasing missha PC bb cream =] but i got the #23 one though..lets just hope it wont be dark and too pinkish on me..but i loveee the natural cover it has on you! makes you look flawless =] i actually found you off a link from soompi =] aha

  19. I think you're really gorgeous. With or w/o bb cream ^_^

  20. What a great comparison review! I love the chart you made. :)

    I use the Missha one & I love it! I'm much darker though, so I have to mix it with my foundation.

  21. Where I can buy MISSHA in Toronto? Thank you.

  22. hi sis, i like your blog. can i share clips of your comments for my account in facebook?? missha isn't available in manila. and i have used the product and totally love it, so i plan to re-sell it to my colleagues.

  23. Don't know if it's just the lighting in that last Skin Food BB cream picture, but I can definitely see where you applied the BB cream on your face. The Missha one definitely has a better finish!

    If you're interested in trying another Korean BB cream, I have one from a company called Atomy that I'd like you to try. It's $20 for 30ml, SPF 30 and PA++. Let me know! (e-mail: