Saturday, April 18, 2009

MAC haul!!!

So yesterday I went to return my Bare necessity dazzle glass + pretty please lip stick @ my MAC store cuz the combo did nothing but wash me out!
I dunno what the MA (or I) was thinking cuz i literally walked around the mall & all the way home looking like a dead person... not a good look for anybody! lol
I think it's pretty much all the lipstick's fault.. On the MAC website pretty please is described as a 'pearled PALE pink'.. yeah imagine how that's like on someone like me that's already fair!
I swear it's the lighting inside MAC (or all other cosmetics stores, clothin stores, etc) that makes everything you put on look good.....

I felt pretty good after saving myself about $40 so I decided to go to the The Bay (similar to Macy's) just to take a look at random things....
(for my wallet lol) I wandered off to the MAC counter and ended up getting 2 dazzle glass & lip stick combos, 1 powder blush & 1 grand duo blush!!! EEK!
I blame the MA who was way too nice and wayy too helpful!! This girl is amazing at picking out lip color combos!! Everything she picked out for me I LOVED! And she's super honest so that if she doesn't like something she won't even let me finish putting it on! LOL I LOVE HER!!!!! I'll always go back to that MAC counter to get my stuff cuz i find the MAs at counters seems to have more time for their customers :)

I personally don't find dazzle glasses to be that exciting on its own especially since I have pigmented lips and they show up exactly the same - sheer gloss w/ lots of glitters!!!
And I'm not a big fan of lipsticks cuz i find them too dull looking on their own even the luster/satin ones.
So how did I end up with 2 DGs and 2 lipsticks you may ask??
Although they are quite plain when used alone but they become absolutely amazing when used together!!!!
The lipstick underneath gives my lips the right flush of color and it also works to diminish some of the glittery effect from the dazzle glass.
The end result is still very glossy and "dazzling" but minus the disco ball look on the lips where all u see is glitter (too much silver glitters can also wash me out!)

Here's the damage:
From left to right:
Dazzle Glass in Steppin' Out
DG in Smile
Lipstick in Viva glam VI SE
Creemsheen lipstick in Shy Girl
Powder blush in Style (bright coral-peach with golden shimmer)
Grand Duos blush in Love Rock (gold violet melange/bright blue pink)

Also two random items I got recently:
Stila shimmer cheek mousse in lotus
Tarte creaseless eye shadow duo in Rose Gold

Here are the blush swatches:

Here are the two combos the MA picked out for me:
Combo 1.
MAC lipstick in Viva Glam VI SE (MAC website: soft blue pink)
MAC dazzle glass in Steppin' out (clean yellow pink with red pearl)

Lipstick ALONE (ignore my tired face...)

W/ Steppin' out on top:

Combo 2.
MAC lipstick in Shy Girl (creamy neutral coral beige)
MAC DG in Smile :) (light coral with pink and gold pearl)

Lipstick ALONE: (ignore my chapped lips.. forgot to use a balm)

With Smile on top:

Bye bye for now!!!


  1. I love your entire haul! I just bought the Viva Glam VI SE lipstick recently; I really like it. You have such gorgeous lips!

  2. those are pretty lippies! and I love love rock its soo pretty!

  3. I like the steppin out DG. ^_^ but i have to save money now, hahaha

  4. Ooh, you have very nice plump lips! Luushhh. =) My lips are pigmented as well, and I always hate trying to do my lips because I get frustrated, haha. I'll try looking at these combos, hehe. Thanks!

  5. you're lucky that lipstick colors appear well on your lips! everything appears similar on mine XD maybe it's about time i try a lip concealer.
    SAs that are too friendly kinda freak me out. i feel bad if i don't buy anything when they're spending all their time helping me and being so nice, then i end up getting way too much

  6. OMgosh! I think I'm inlove with the Viva Glam VI SE! Thanks for the swatches girl! <3

  7. Nice haul!
    And girl... I LOVE your full lips! Luscious! :)

  8. lovely haul. the lippies are gorgeous colours.

    Oh the nivea lotion? i order that from
    but if you meant the revlon milk bath it is at that little beauty store in the front of the pmall entrance. they sell it for about $10 even.

  9. big haul =) The colors look gorgeous on you!

    I finally caved and bought Bare Necessity. I almost picked up Smile and Steppin' Out too though, but I resisted. I can't believe how much they are charging for these. It's really ridiculous.

  10. the colors look good on u! not too glittery at all.. =D girl, u hauled! hehe.

  11. haha... the way u said it is so cute. your cat had other intention towards the lil hamsters. haha

    i think your lips look really SEXY. ahhh~*

  12. OMG i want those MAC lippies! I just got the VGV but I feel that the VI SE would be prettier on me... Shu girl seems to be a perfect nudie pink lipstick. It looks gorgeous on you!