Friday, April 24, 2009

MAC 205 mascara fan brush demo

Hello pretties :)
I was requested to do a MAC 205 brush demo... sorry it took so long!

I believe this brush was limited edition (? i don't see it on the MAC website anymore) so you might be able to get it at a CCO...

Product description:

A small, serrated, fan-shaped brush of synthetic fibres specially designed for "root-to-tip" application of Prep + Prime Lash or any M·A·C mascara. For post-mascara, use it to groom clumps and perfect the lashes.

**NOTE: i only applied mascara onto my upper lashes!!!**
My bare lashes curled: (ignore my red eyes and the annoying little pimple)

205 Coated w/ a thin coat of L'Oreal telescopic clean definition mascara (the silver tube).

I applied roughly 2 thin coats.

Compared to my lashes when I use the wand that came with the mascara:

Although my lashes look longer & darker there seems to be quite a bit of clumping together...
Keep in mind that there is also way more product on the mascara wand.

Then I tested out CG lash blast mascara (non-waterproof):
Bare lashes again:

Thin coat of lash blash on the 205 brush

Applied 2 coats to lashes using fan brush...

Applied lash blast using the big fat mascara wand!

- lengthens, separates, defines lashes
- good for separating lashes after you apply mascara the regular way to remove clumps (way better than a regular lash comb!)
- excellent for use on other people!!! less of a chance poking them in the eye w/ the brush compared to big mascara wands!
- avoids getting mascara all over your eyelid
- good for natural looking lashes


- a bit time consuming to use
- not for dramatic lash looks (unless you have the time to apply mascara over and over again with this brush)
- does not really add volume to lashes
- limited edition so maybe hard to find!


  1. Great review! I've always wondered about fan brushes...too much work for me though. I might try to get my hands on a larger version to apply overly pigmented blushes.

  2. I always wondered about the MAC 205 brush. Labellemel31 has one and she said crown brush sells one just like it and it is really in expensive.

  3. i've been wanting to get one of these fan brushes. too bad it's LE? nice review! :)

  4. Wow... this is so cool, I never would have thought to do this. Thanks for the info!

  5. wow that brush does wonders. I think I've seen it at the MAC store. Now I want to try it out!

  6. I have the 205 too, but I'm only using it to brush my lashes after mascara, when I was not careful enough and they turn out to be clumped together.

    Must try it for the application om my lower lashes (if there are any, hehe...) too! ;)

  7. LOL i love all the eye pictures...its like 1:30 at night and i see all these eyes staring at me...LOL

  8. So thats what it does! Haha. Thanks for showing us ;)

  9. i like how your lashes look so feathery with the mac brush. thanks for showing the pics =)

  10. i never see a brush like that before.. wow, cool, i think it works really well ! you have big eyes. haha xD pretty!

  11. Great review! I want to play with a fan brush like this, but I don't think I would have time to use it regularly. Puu~~ lol. =)

  12. so need to try this!! thanks for the review :)

  13. that fan works like a comb O: your lashes are nice and separate! I think this is love at first sight! :D thanks for the review

  14. Wow a brush just for mascaras!! I only think of how tedious it is to have to wash it all the time... :PP

  15. wow not bad, it must be annoying to clean the brush all the time though. i love your lashes btw haha

  16. oh wow, I've always wondered why people used fan brushes on my eye for shoots..always seems tedious. but I need to get my hands on that CG lash blast mascara!!!

  17. thanks for doing this post
    i'm going to try using my brush to put on mascara tomorrow lol
    i've just been using it to separate after mascara

  18. This mascara doesn't work on me :(