Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Going out look :) PIC HEAVY!

Hello my beautiful readers,

Here's another FOTD to tie you over until I do a proper post :p
My BB cream comparison post is taking me forever + 1 day for some reason... grrr!

I did this look for a birthday night out w/ my girls so I was aiming for a darker, more sultry look...

Before i left my place I ask the BF whether he thinks its too much and he said "no hun, i think u can make ur eye makeup even darker" LOL I dunno if that's a good thing or not when your BF tells you that you need to put on more makeup!! hahahha

I think my BF is slowly becoming a makeup guru himself lol I blame myself for blabbing to him constantly about makeup and watching too many youtube tutorials when he's around! Just a few days ago he actually sent me a MAC coupon that's for free shipping + free zoom lash sample w/ any order! AND he told me that there is a shiseido warehouse sale! LOL omg... i think its getting a lil weird!! lol

Anyways, hope you all enjoy the look!

Don't say I didn't warn you... there's LOTS of camwhoring lol

Don't mind my PJs :P

What I used on my:

1. I used the almost white shade from my Lorac multiplatinum palette as a highlighter on my brow bones and on the inner corners of my eye.
2. Lorac Gold on the middle 1/3 of my eyelid going up to my eye socket
3. Lorac Inspiration on the outter 1/3 of my eye forming the outter V
4. the darker bronz-y color in my calli palette to define the V
5. Blend blend blend!
Sorry the pic is so yellow....
I used the blush from my lorac palette and highlighted w/ MAC MSF in light flush to give my face a nice sheen for the night. I lightly contoured my face w/ my MAC blush in Prism :)

Finally I used a thin layer of Revlon's matte lipstick in Nude Attitude and layered Palladio's plumping lip gloss in Frosting on top :)
Not pictured:
Missha M perfect cover BB cream as foundation
Lise watier concealer wheel
Almay eyeliner
Shiseido mascara base + CG lash blash
Sephora brow powder
Sephora matte finish pressed powder


  1. Sexy and pretty~~ Lovely lips!! <33

  2. So pretty =) I like your hair a lot too.

    hahha.. your boyfriend is So sweet. My boyfriend is totally the opposite. He hates it when I wear heavy makeup. In fact, he insists that I look better au naturale... am I That terrible at putting on makeup?!?! lol.. is he coming with you to NYC? If so, they should hang out when we go shopping! Maybe ur bf will be a good influence to mine ;)

  3. @kkkkatie Thanks!!! haha my bf actually prefers me au naturale too cuz he always used to tell me that makeup makes me look older and is bad for my skin.. that's why i was so surprised when he told me my eye makeup could be darker! sighhhhh guys..
    Yes he is coming w/ me to NYC! Great idea to double date! :p I dunno what kind of influence they'll have on each other! LOL

    @fuzkittie Hehee thanks for the comment Fuz!!

  4. hey dollface

    you know what there is never too much cam whoring....esp if you have a pretty face like yours...i love the bronze sultry look...THANK YOU JESUS for mac msf...makes your skin perfectly glow...btw you have nice pillow lips =P

    as for you BF....hahahah that is tooooo funny...tell him soon enough he will have his own blog...

  5. gorgeous look, you have such nice skin! and I know what you mean about the BF, my BF is always on the lookout for new makeup spots and happenings too! LOL

  6. ooh! i love this FOTD! those colors look great on your lips too! =)

  7. This look is right up my alley! Simple and sexy. Love the nude lips, too. Your boyfriend sounds like a keeper! I would love for my bf not to roll his eyes at me when I talk about makeup. Haha.

  8. very classy! :) i love this fotd.

    it's not weird, my bf's the same way! hehe. he's gotten used to my makeup talk that he even spoils me with makeup/skincare stuff! lol

    btw, the bamboo craft is for digital editing, painting, drawing, scrapbooking! im frustrated with photoshop, though..hehe...

  9. Nice fotd! I like the colour combo.

    Prism blush is the best!

  10. That's a really great look, very sexy yet sophisticated. I like it a lot!

  11. that's so funny how your bf is getting so involved in makeup XD everytime i try to talk to m bf about makeup it goes out the other ear. i don't have anyone else to talk to in person about it and he's the only one around hahaha.

  12. i like your look of the day :)
    i'm following you!

  13. Hello! I can't really say if the MAC Prep + Prime products work in terms of minimizing the pores because my pores aren't visible to begin with and I have dry skin so I wouldn't be able to notice any significant change, but the one thing I DID notice was that my skin actually feels and looks better in the sense it's more even-toned, smooth, and supple...and *knocks on wood* I haven't broken out in about 2 months!

  14. your eye makeup is so amazing & you've got beautiful skin too! :)

  15. Beautiful! I love the nude lips :).

  16. love the look...looks great on you..

  17. hey grl,

    thanks for followin my blog =)

    i love the make up you did =)
    and ur skins gorgeous =)


  18. i love your lip,your bf is cool. haha
    my bf know nothing but he will spend if for me.shiseido warehouse sale? that is great. u must grab some stuff from them.

    girl, your skin is flawless <3

  19. Your going out look looks great! And you are gorgeous too! ♥ I love nudelips~ ^^

    Following from now on~

  20. pretty ^_^

    your BF is very lovely.

  21. Wow, you look pretty! I love the look. =) I should look into these Lorac shadows!! I haven't snooped into that brand before.

    & omigosh, yeah. I hate those nyx trio shadows!!! I was bored and decided "heyy. I'll buy a bunch and it will be fun to depot." And out of like 6 trios, I think I only had 5 shadow pans perfectly come out. LOL I don't even use them, sheesh! hahaha

  22. you are so gorgeous! such a pretty look :)

  23. You look so beautiful in all your pics!
    Wisehd, I had a photogenic face myself... :p