Saturday, April 4, 2009

I was a very bad girl today!

I tried to be a good girl! REALLY I DID!!

I didn't even plan on going to Sephora at all today until I remembered that a friend's b-day was coming up and she really liked the Kat Von D palette which i picked out for another friend. So i decided to drop by sephora quickly to pick up the palette... What was suppose to be a 5 minute in & out ended up being one of the biggest hauls I've ever done at Sephora...

The damage has been done:

What could possibly be inside this ginormous sephora bag
(which a lot of ppl were curiously eyeing on my way home LOL)...

the bag is much bigger than my cat lol

She's curious.... are you???


I've been eyeing this thing for a while..... the only black one left at the store... i was gonna get the pink one but i think it would dirty easier so black is the way to go! The inside is quite roomy and well-cushioned so that my babies won't get damaged bumping around :)

The BF actually got this one for me.. He's been wanting to get it for a while now but I always wanted to wait for a better deal and seeing it's the last one he convinced me to let him get it... *sigh* i feel a bit guilty cuz with stupid ontario tax it came out to about $130CAD (117 + tax)!!!!! i better cook some amazing food for him!! (he appreciates my cooking :p)

haha my cat likes playing in the box

The next item I fell in love with at first 'swatch'.....

I usually don't fall head over heels over a makeup item but something about this one just caught my immediate attention!!

Now this particular brand i haven't heard a lot of bloggers talk about but i have to say that the quality of their products (esp eyeshadows) is TOP NOTCH!

I introduce to you.... My very lovely LORAC multi-platinum palette!!!! ($49CAD + TAX)

There are 6 GORGEOUS eye shadows + 1 beautiful blush.
Top row (L to R): rockstar, serenity, heavy metal
Bottom row: sapphire storm, dreamy, techno

Swatches w/o base:
From L to R: Couture, rockstar, serenity, heavy metal, sapphire storm, dreamy, techno

Rockstar: great hi-lighting shimmery cream color w/ slight hint of pinkness to it
Serentity: champagne w/ golden sheen

heavy metal: GORGEOUS silvery-taupe color... for some reason i always thought MAC's satin taupe would look like this unfortunately it's more brown than I would like it to be...
Sapphire storm: another beautiful color that caught my attention, it looks more green in the pics but its actually a beautiful sapphire blue w/ green shimmers
dreamy: a darker silver w/ blue shimmers

Techno: matte black w/ silver shimmer

Couture: the blush color, reminds me of NARS orgasm blush but it has slightly more golden shimmer *SOOOOO PRETTY*

The texture is very soft and finely milled for all the ESs and blush. They are also very pigmented and have a beautiful sheen/shimmer to them except for techno which is more of a matte black w/ some silver specks. But lemme tell you.. they are sooooooo gorgeous!! i cannot emphasize that enough LOLLLLLL

The packing is also AWESOME! It looks like a small clutch! It's wrapped by a silverish taupe faux croc cover and has a silver metallic lining.. super sexy!!

Finally, the Kat Von D palette I got for my friend :) This is also a GREAT palette!!!!


What PowderPuff looked like today:

My attempt at getting the CN tower in my picture :p BYE BYE FOR NOW!


  1. wow the train case!! and everything looks great =)

  2. oh my =) you lucky spoiled girl!

    I've been eying that lorac palette for so long! haha.. but I've managed to hold myself back thus far. I do have the Snake charmer palette though.. and I really love it. I agree, lorac shadows are top notch.

  3. haha.. nice! that's a huuuge traincase! would it be too heavy to carry it around once you have your makeup in it? u should do a video on it! hehe.

  4. the sephora case is so WOW!!! want it and I really like your block

  5. ahhh your kitty is so cute!

  6. why must everything be so expensive in canada..and now the HST!? @__@
    i like the blush color in the lorac palette

  7. sweet of your bf...train case looks great! and so is your fotd..your skin looks flawless girl!

  8. omg ur bf is amazing. i've been trying to convince my bf to get me that train case, but he is trying to play hard to get. hahah.

  9. Great blog! You got some nice loot from sephora :) and choco gummies are one of my fave!