Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Random FOTD from the weekend

Hi All! I wanted to do a pinkish/natural look so i won't look too done up for a visit to the BF's parents' place... too bad the colours didn't show up properly on camera.. sigh o well! i guess that means its natural enough! lol

my desk lamp makes me look extra yellow

Stuff that's on my face:

1. sephora brow powder
2. Napoleon Perdis illuminating mosaic powder
3. sephora matte finishing pressed powder
4. skin food aloe BB cream shade 01
5. NARS blush in desire
6. CG lashblast mascara
7. Shiseido mascara base
8. Lancome eyeshadow trio palette
9. smashbox eyeshadow trio
10. MAC painterly paintpot
11. Lise watier concealer wheel
12. annabelle blush to contour
13. NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in cottage cheese
14. Almay eyeliner

Almost forgot these:

15. L'oreal HIP duo eyeshadow
16. MAC HK tinted lip conditioner in pink fish

Finally some pictures of me squishing my cat! isnt she adorable??LOL ignore the messy background..... bye bye for now!


  1. awww.. poor kitty.. haha.. love the natural look =)

  2. hey gorgeous

    just wanted to stop and say hello...MY MY MY what a pretty pussy you have! lol....she is adorable she is sooo big and fluffy...i use skinfood aloe too i love it!!! its one of my fav bb creams...i dont think i can ever go back to reg. foundations...

  3. Cute cat! she's so big and fluffy =) I use the skinfood mushroom bb cream and I love it. I've never tried the aloe one though. How do they compare?

  4. i've never used the mushroom one but i think the aloe one is better for oily skin so its probably more drying... i think i will compare my aloe one w/ my missha one in a future post :) i luv my missha one > skin food hehe

  5. You're SO PRETTY!!! Thanks for leaving me sweet comments!!! ^^ Wow and your kittie is so cute~~ Hehehe. 哈﹐ 回頭率! 你是台灣人嗎?

  6. your pink pink look is so cute <3

  7. welcome to the blogging world!

  8. Hi!
    First, thanks for following my blog! ;)

    You look so pretty feminine! Love the pink flush on your cheeks.

    Nice to meet you in the beauty blogoshpere! :)


  9. haha... have u tried any skinfood before?

  10. thanks for the comment! but im not sure which one would be good for me? i have combination skin and mmm i guess my skin tone is a medium sandy color

  11. Thank you for following my blog! You have gorgeous skin btw! :) How is that Lise Watier concealer palette? :) XOXO

  12. awww..you're so pretty! and your kittie's so cute too! :)

  13. i can see the pink =D
    hehe squishy cat, i miss my cats now!

  14. You're right on about that Dior blush! :D Would be so great to go makeup shopping with you~ Beautiful and honest, hehehee!