Sunday, March 22, 2009

Haulin!! (deals ++++)


So I woke up at 6:30 on a Saturday morning and dragged my sleepy butt to my local Sephora for their Happy Birthday Barbie event!!! I was expecting a huge line-up b/c the invitation i got mentioned a goodies bag so i got there 15 min before the start of the event to make sure that i pick one of those up :p (why else would i wake up so early and sacrifice my beauty sleep?). I dragged 3 of my friends along with me to the event and i used cake + goodies bag as my bait lol

The line-up wasn't bad at all (felt a lil guilty waking up my friends so early lol) and quickly picked up our goodies bag from the MAs... They gave us each a pink plastic bag with a huge barbie by cake sticker on the front and inside were these(sorry for the blurriness):

Body mousse
not-so-tasty - barbie -chocolate
+ a barbie fridge magnet...

Ya.... It's really not that exciting lol
I didn't pick up anything from the collection by cake cuz nothing really caught my eyes/nose.
But for those of you that love the scent of
freshly baked lemon cookies.. u should definitely check out the cake barbie collection.. the scent is really really pure however everything smelled the exact same (lotion, lip balm, bath gel, etc..)
Also picked up a bottled water w/ a barbie sticker on it... wanted to show u guys cuz i'm a loser like that.. :p

After a nice breakfast w/ the girls, i went back to eaton centre (I'm from Toronto BTW) and decided to check out the new MAC collections that came out and check out the shiseido counter at the bay cuz they are having a GIFT W/ PURCHASE IF U SPEND >$35CAD

I also had one of those
beauty VIP coupons which gives u $10 off for every $50 u spend on beauty products so i wanted to pick up the much-raved Shiseido Mascara Base and the popular Shiseido SPF liquid foundation to make the $50... but little did i know that the liquid foundation i wanted was DISCONTINUED!!! *TEAR* so i spent like 30 min trying to pick out something else and here's what i ended up with:

1. Shiseido Pureness foaming cleansing fluid

2. Shiseido Mascara base

Here's the GWP that came w/ my purchase :)

mostly stuff from the benefiance line

After I did my damage at the Shiseido counter, my roomie and I headed decided to walk around a bit more in the beauty department and we discovered a makeup counter w/ no SA(VERY rare in the bay) and there were huge clear boxes full of products with price stickers all over them... A bargain alarm went off instantly in my head! and the brand was no other than Napoleon Perdis!!! I knew they were d/c all of the stuff cuz i saw them go on clearance on sephora.. but i didn't know the bay had them on sale as well!!! I was soooo excited cuz they had a HUGE selection of products left over too (so if you dont get the moral point of my story yet: GO TO THE BAY NEAREST YOU and load up on NP stuff!!). I didnt go too crazy cuz I really should try to save some moola but i couldn're reisist and picked up these babies:

1. NP Loose powder in translucent ( Originally 33CAD marked down to 16.99CAD!!)

2. NP Mosaic Powder & puff (Originally $39CAD marked down to 12.99CAD)

The powder is super pretty as a highlighter or all over shimmer (if you dont have super oily skin).... the texture and colour reminded me of the Guerlain meteorite powders w/o the hefty price tag of course :)

I persuaded my roomie to pick up the same things and then I used another one of my 10 off 50 coupons so we got even more of a discount!!

Finally, I picked up 2 Essie nail polishes from Trade Secrets in Primavera(Right) and Curtain call (left). They were both marked down from 9.99CAD to 5.99 CAD!!

WHEW!!! That's the end to my first blog post :) I will try and review some or all of these products in the future once i've tried them all... PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LEAVE ME A COMMENT OR QUESTION :) Bye bye for now!

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  1. HII! hahah.. how odd! =) I tried to make my blog as anonymous as possible, and already someone from the 'real world' has found me. *embarrassed* but yea, what girl isn't obsessed with makeup/skincare eh? lol.. My blog is mostly a forum for me to write and be creative in my overly scientific and drab world.

    Nice haul =) can't wait to see more entries from you! I'll mention you in my blog and direct some of my readers here.