Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I can see my lashes!!

(Transferred from my post on Asian beauty blog)

Hello beauties!

I've decided to test out the Shiseido mascara base that I picked up yesterday with my CG lash blast mascara.
I have the non-waterproof lash blast and I HATE IT WITH A PASSION! it straightens my curled lashes instantly and i hate having to recurl them w/ mascara on..what a pain in the ass!
I heard so many good things about the shiseido base that I decided to give it a try.. i was hoping that it will make my lash blast and all my other non-waterproof mascara work better... and I was SOOO friggin right!! HA!

W/O base, curled lashes w/ ELF curler:

With only base:

One coat of lash blast mascara (non-waterproof) WOOHOOO they stay curled!!!


Look at those lashes!!! *heart*

Stuff I used:

Forgot to add MAC's Hello Kitty lipglass in Nice Kitty to the group photo :) That's the only thing that i used on my lips :)



  1. I LOVE that mascara base! I use it everyday, and it makes any old crappy mascara amazing =)

  2. isn't the shiseido mascara base LOVE? :D
    i like the contacts you're wearing!
    the ones i had on in those pics were acuvue ones in brown

  3. I luv this mascara base, I bought it from The Bay (Windsor, ON) and it's so expensive and worth it :P

  4. Wow! What a difference a mascara primer did to your lashes! I wonder if it will do something good to my already long and somehow curly lashes.