Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm a CHEATER!!!

First of all, i'm sorry for the long MIA.

I've been really busy with work and dealing with moving... bahh!
I know, I know NO EXCUSES!!

I cheated...
Cheated on my ten pan challenge that is!
And I was doing so well! Four entire weeks with no makeup/skincare purchases!!!
I finished about 7 items (altho most of them are skincare items -- makeup is IMPOSSIBLE to finish!! LOL but i did manage to finish a couple of mascaras) so I allowed myself to have a little mini break....

The results of the "mini" break:

From L:

Make up for ever kabuki - EVER SO SOFT!!

Guerlain L'or radiance concentrate with pure gold makeup base - this has to be the most expensive makeup item I've ever bought!! I have really high expectations for this or else it's going back for sure!

Make up for ever face & body foundation
- I was looking for a med/full coverage foundation that doesn't contain spf for pictures :)

Smashbox lip exfoliant
after watching Fuz's review on this I had to try it!!

Diorshow iconic extreme waterproof mascara - I caved and got this... lets hope its worth the hefty price tag!

Here's today FOTDs :) **wearing my geo angel browns O.O

BTW I've been stuck in a makeup rut probably cuz i don't have a lot of time in the morning before work and i'm feeling lazy and uninspired :( (HINT this would be a good time to request looks :P)
I didn't take a pic of the products I used but if you have questions feel free to ask!!

Since i will be moving so I'm thinking of having a blog sale and get rid of some extra stash in my makeup drawer. I dunno if anyone will be interested in that but keep your eyes posted! I promise everything will be dirt cheap!!! :)

Bye bye for now!!


  1. Nice purchases! Hope they work out for you. Yea, I agree about the Project 10 Pan, it's so easy to cheat x.x I only finished 2 and I already bought a few makeup, but they were dirt cheap so....LOL

    Btw, I'm having a giveaway and would love it if you would join in too! Please check it out at

  2. I LOVE SALES! but i live in nz... :(

  3. Lol on cheating. I'm on a no-buy right now and I've cheated just a bit too... but running out of HG foundation and finishing powder is totally unfair, right?? Gorgeous haul though! Can't wait to see your reviews of everything. =)

  4. Love your FOTD! You are so pretty. Your eyes really pop!

  5. omg.. the kabuki brush looks so soft~~ i bet its soft... n nice~~ :)

  6. Sorry I cannot go without makeup. lol. but, it was greatof you to try.

    I am now following you, subscribe and follow me :) check out my stuff

  7. aww... long time no see... ha~ your FOTD is pretty <3 <3

  8. hi! i got to your page from fuz's :) I'm from Toronto as well :)

    I was reading your recent post and you mentioned "it's going back for sure" on some of your make-up items. Actually, what I want to ask is, can you return used make-ups if it doesn't work for you? I know you can do it in the US, but I'm not sure if it's the same in Canada (do I sound obviously new in this piece of land? haha) ... Hope you can enlighten me. :)

    subscribing to your blog via bloglines.. can't wait to catch the blog sale :)

    ~ wanda

  9. @Wanda: thanks for commenting! It's always nice to hear from fellow torontonians!! sephora is usually pretty good at taking stuff back (full refund or exchange) even if it's been used. They dont ask too many questions either. Shoppers beauty boutique stuff can usually be returned. However the actual drugstore stuff you may find it difficult to get your money back unless you have experienced a bad reaction to the product or something. You should always ask what the return policy is for products that you want to purchase as it may differ from location to location. I hope I answered you question! :)

  10. Cute FOTD, you look great with Angel Brown. Project 10 pan is hard... I don't think I can ever do 10 pan, probably 5 pan, haha... you got some nice stuff there, enjoy :)

  11. I'm anxiously waiting for a review of the L'or from Guerlain. I've been eyeing that product for so ling but couldn't bring myself to spend so much on something I don't know will work. Besides we have an unopened-container returnable policy here in Denmark.

  12. SALES? I'll be watching for that. (:
    [ newfollower&blogger ]


    cute pictures btw!

  13. Yay for the blog sale!!! I'm waiting for that.
    I have one myself in case anyone would be interested!

    Love your blog

  14. Hi powerpuffgirl<3 I just stumbled on your blog and I'm loving your natural look and wow you have some perfect skin!! I'm also from Toronto :D I'm new to blogging so please come visit my beauty blog and give me some advice :>

    Stay pretty<3

  15. :P My partner in crime also commented (see above)
    I really want to know how the Guerlain L' will work for you, please review if you have time ><!! What lip colour are you using? so cute~

  16. hi babe, i love the FOTD. You have such natural beauty!

    i have tried going on a makeup diet, but it didn't work. And for the most part, i do worse damage after it. haha.

    The circle lenses also look very cute on you.