Saturday, July 4, 2009

No More Buys!

Lately I've been feeling really tempted to buy lots of stuff since I got my Shopper's discount.


I've decided to join in on Project 10 Pan which means no more makeup/skincare purchases until I finish up at least 10 makeup/skincare items :)

It's a great way to save some money and use up products before they expire (at the same time make room for future purchases :P)

I am also going to include hair & body care items along with makeup products.
Since these items are a bit easier to finish I'm going to aim for 15 items before I make any makeup/skin care purchases :P

Wish me luck!!!

Items that I'm hoping to finish:
1. Skin food aloe bb cream
2. pantene hair conditioner
3. body shop pomegranate body scrub
4. Lise watier hydrating face lotion
5. CG lash blast
6. Yves Rocher chamomile toner


  1. I'm glad you're doing the Project 10 pan. Me and Lulu challenged ourselves with 20 products and it's completely changed our spending habits on beauty items now! Good luck on hitting pan :)

  2. Good luck! I should do this too! :] lol.

  3. Good luck! I need to go on such a challenge as well... but I use so little makeup on a daily basis I just don't know what I'd finish lol. And if I finished my concealer, I think I'd die not being able to replace that lol.

  4. i have yet to finish something makeup related...the only thing i'm close to finshing is my P&J moisture cream hehe

  5. I just gave up on Project 10 pan and the whoe painful process is all chronicled on my blog. LOL.Good luck to you! Great to see another Toronto beauty blogger. I'm trying to organize a Toronto beauty blogger meet-up. Let me know if you are interested and know others in the area. I have a post about it.

  6. hahaha when i got my staff discount i went crazyy n still am!! so tempting:)x

  7. LOL I hear ya sista! I trying to make this happen's so hard! Especially makeup-wise...eyeshadows take forever to finish! =P