Thursday, February 25, 2010

Review: New Revlon products!

I am finally in possession of a camera which takes decent-enough pictures for me to feel motivated to blog again.

Here are 3 new things I picked up a few days ago from Revlon:

1. the ever so popular PhotoReady foundation in 003 Shell

2.Super Lustrous lipgloss in pink pop

3.SL lipgloss in peach petal

Let's start off with a demo featuring the foundation + lipglosses
In the following two pics I used my new Revlon lipgloss in Pink Pop.

Face w/o foundation
(ughhh.. lots of discoloration :(.. and also pls excuse my oily lids haha it's been a long day)

Face with foundation
(ahh.. much better )
BTW I used a stippling brush to apply it.
Here I used my new Revlon lipgloss in Pink Pop.

After adding some blush & concealer...
I also used my new Revlon lipgloss in Peach Petal in these pictures. For a closer look at the shimmers in the foundation you'll have to click on the pics to enlarge.

My thoughts on the photoready foundation:
Blend-ability - 4/5
- very easy to blend, doesn't dry out too quickly
Coverage - 4/5
- great coverage, but I still need to apply some concealer to the under-eye area and blemishes
Price - 3/5
- it's around $23 Canadian, which is a bit on the expensive side for a drugstore foundation
Color match 4/5
- not too pink, not too yellow, really compliments my skintone!
Lasting power - 4/5
- at the end of a 8 hour shift my face still looked great, a lil oily but much better oil control vs. my bb creams!
+ it has a SPF of 20 :)

NOTE: In direct light, there seems to be a lot of tiny shimmers in this foundation. Personally I think the shimmers is what makes this foundation look great in photos. I don't really have a problem with them. However, I would tone down the shimmer level elsewhere on the face while using this foundation i.e. avoid using highly shimmery eyeshadows, blushes & lipglosses. Also I prefer to set this foundation w/ my maybelline dream matte powder to tone down the shimmers.

In conclusion, I have to say I think I'm in love with this foundation! I really like how it makes my skin look.. so smooth, flawless and bright! This is something I'll definitely buy again :)


Sticky factor - 4/5
- less sticky than MAC, but hair will still get stuck
Pigmentation - 3.5/5
- good enough to show up on my super pigmented lips
Lasting power - 3/5
- same as any other lipgloss, nothing too special

What really caught my eye with these glosses is that they contain no shimmer. They are very creamy in texture and color.

Check them out!

Bye bye for now! :)


  1. Hi, the colours look really good on you, and your skin looks flawless! I don't think we've got these products yet in the UK

  2. Welcome back to blogging! The photos look gorgeous and so do you!

    The lipglosses look so pretty, and the foundation makes your skin look flawless and glowy!

  3. You look great!! But yea...$23 is a bit pricey for drugstore. LOL

    & I haven't seen those lip gloss shades yet!! Gonna hunt down all my SDM ^^

  4. So glad to see you blogging again! this foundation looks so gorgeous! u definitely have added one more thing on my want list lol

  5. Ooh I've been hearing good things about this foundation too. It looks lovely on you! I might try this out, but right now I'm in love with Missha BB cream!

  6. I've heard so much about this foundation but I have yet to try it! I must remember to pick one up the next time I stop by the drug store.


  7. you look gorgeous <3 this foundation makes your complexion look amazing! if not for the shimmer, i think this would be HG potential. thanks for such a great review! :) xx

  8. Yay another canadian beauty ! The foundation makes your skin so dewy & glowy! :D Love the peach petal lipgloss! Thanks for sharing & I'm following your blog :D Visit/follow mine too ;)

  9. Youre so pretttyyy :) ouu youre from Torontooo
    That's niicee. i love the foundation when it's on..but I broke out from it :(

  10. That is such a pretty look, I wasnt sure with the photo ready and thanks for the review because it helps.

    I love that lipgloss.....!


  11. yay glad to find a torontonian like myself :) your so lucky to find those colors of the revlon lipglosses.. i cant find them at my shoppers :( it's all different shades!

  12. what's the blush you used here? it's so pretty!

  13. a new follower here! love your blog!

  14. About the camera thing--It's all in the lighting! Make sure you give enough soft lighting (try not to shine the light directly on your subject) and your pictures will definitely come out better.