Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pic Tut: Smokey Browns

Hi Beauties,

This is a pretty basic brown "smokey" eye look that I did today.  As you all probably know by now, I am generally very light handed when it comes to applying makeup so don't expect anything extremely SMOKEY haha.. I appologize in advance as the colors seem to be a bit washed out in the pictures :( in real life the eye makeup is definitely darker.  I would myself reserve this look for the evening time or on days off :) But depending on your level of comfort, this look can be worn day or night :) Hope you enjoy!!! :P

Face: Guerlain Parure extreme in 02, Guerlain radiance extract, MAC cream blush in ladyblush, Givenchy LE unique compact powder in island sun, MAC MSF in by candlelight.
Shiseido brow pencil in natural blackMaybelline stiletto voluptous mascara waterproof, maybelline age rewind concealer in light*forgot to put this w/ face stuff*, Lise Watier liquid eyeliner in Noir, my trusty almay liner, too faced shadow insurance, Maybelline quads in Natural Smokes and Chai latte,and MAC baked quad in odd bits.
Primed my lips with Dior Creme De Rose, lightly applied Dior Addict lipcolor in 859 Rose libertin Ravishing Rose.

1. Starting off with a a clean face!
Here I have already applied primer + foundation + concealer.
I also did my eyebrows, tight lined my upper lashline + primed my eyes.

2. Eye shadows are applied as following:
Chai Latte
Natural Smokes

Light brown shade all over lid and just below brow bone.
Apply 2 to just above natural crease.

Apply 3 to outer "v" * I like to make a "C" instead to make it look a bit softer. Make sure you blend away the harsh edges! If the colors fade too much, don't be scared to add some back on!
How my eyes looks so far.
I like to add a shimmery color to just the inner 1/3 of my lid
Here I have already lined my eyes using a liquid liner. Wing out the liner at the ends.
Lined the outer 2/3 of my bottom lashline w/ 2&3. Then highlighted inner corner w/ 5.
 * I forgot to mention my highlight color - see products! *

Added some mascara. What a difference mascara makes :)

Eye makeup done!
Time to add some bronzer, blush & lip color!

Completed Look:

Please excuse my messy hair!

here's a picture of my funny cat hiding on my shelf :)
This is my 10 week old puppy :) <3
he's a mix between Maltese & shihtzu
Bye bye for now!!!!


  1. Super natural and pretty! I love smokey browns on you a lot, and your lashes look so long and perfectly curled! *jealous* ;)

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwww ur cat is too cute!so is ur puppy!how nice u have both!hehe
    u line ur waterline perfectly!so pretty!i could never do that

  3. Your pets are adorable. I wish I was responisble enought to take care of a pet. I can't even take care of

  4. How cuuteee! The puppy is so small! ^_^

    And thanks for the tut! It was very easy to read =)

    Thanks for your comment as well. It's funny because I live sooo close to College and Bathurst. But are you sure there's Baptiste there? I've never seen it before!

  5. You look great! I love smokey brown looks :D The perfect combo for work! AWWWWWWWWW, your cat is SO cute. I love long haired kitties! :D And your cute little pup! He is just adorable!!

  6. The smokey brown is so pretty!
    Your cat and puppy are so cute :D

  7. Your cat is so cute and funny and your puppy is so adorable. :)

    I love the color on your lips.

  8. thanks for sharing this tut! your cat is so cute hiding in there. i remember our cat climbed all the way up our tall cabinets and we couldn't get her down coz she was enjoying looking at us calling her for hours.

  9. omg... the kitty n doggie is sooo cute... i love dogs.. haha.. nice make up look and jus followed u on twitter.. :)


  10. I can see you put a lot of time and effort into your tutorials! Your kitty and puppy are really too adorable!

  11. Amazing look! I love how natural it looks! I am a new follower! :)

  12. love the step-by-step post. very useful. he's just too cute. new follower. love your blog xo

  13. liking the tutorial (:,
    really pretty!!
    btw cute dog n cat !!! (:

    CMPang x

  14. Love your Brown smokes eye!!!
    byw, love your blog too!! ^^

  15. what a great idea for a tutorial!!!

  16. Hey! Just discovered your blog. Great how to & how cute is your puppy!!! Would love for you to stop by my blog & if you love please follow, I'll be happy to follow you back!
    Happy weekend xoxo

  17. Amazing look! I am totally going to try out your tutorial. I'm hopeless at eye shadow, so I usually just skip it, but I feel inspired to try it out tomorrow.

    Also, I want a dog like yours. That is one of the cutest puppies I've ever seen! So darling!

    Hello, Framboise!

  18. YOu are very beautiful!!1 If you have a chance, please visit/follow my fashion blog. It will mean the world to me if you did. Thank you so much in advance!!!

  19. you have such a clean beautiful face to work with! thank you for the easy-to-follow tutorial on a simple everyday smokey eye! i hope to keep reading many more wonderful pieces on your blog :)

    pandaphilia style

  20. this was a really interesting post, thanks for sharing!

    I'd love if you could visit my blog! I am a new fashion blogger :)

  21. Came out great! Awesome tutorial!

  22. So cute!!!! I follow you now! Would you like to follow me back?

  23. love your pretty eyes
    Much love,